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Works great!

I like pretty much everything about this app. I was skeptical at first but it’s great! The only improvement I think it really needs is a little notation on each test server so you know which ones support the packet loss tests. It wasn’t a problem previously because the PingTest.net site was still up, but now that they’ve killed it your only option is to run a test on each server in your region until you find one that’s run the packet loss test. (hint: most university hosts seem to do it.) Other than this minor thing I love it.

Way off from the website

I ran several tests side by side with the web version. On the web I get 176.77 Download, 21.01 upload (14ms latency); on the app: 14.5 download, 6.15 upload (13ms latency). Even when done at the same time. Unless I am doing something wrong, this does not work.

Love Ookla

Their tests are the easiest to use and easiest to understand! Menu bar option is cool.

Selects Wrong Location - No Way to Overide

This tool runs incredibly quick versus the website version that I got inconsisent results on (sometimes it worked and sometimes it just didn’t). The frustrating part is for some reason it is geolocating my IP address on the east coast and the app is only giving me servers on the east coast (I’m on the West Coast). There doesn’t appear to be a way to override the location or manually select servers that are closer to me - I can only select servers that are with 300 miles or so of where it THINKS I am. Would love to see this fixed. Aside from that - it appears to do as advertised.

Great App

By using a dedicated app vs the website, you’ll get a better understanding of what it is behind the scenes that slow your network down. Web Browsers have a LOT of overhead- and this eliminates that overhead to give you accurate results. I’ve used Speedtest since the 90’s and can tell you it’s the best!

Good app, but could use a couple tweaks

Ive been a long-time user of SpeedTest from back when it was a browser-only app. Not going to find a better assessment of your Internet speed. That said, I noticed a couple of things that Ookla might want to tweak to make it better. (1) The app doesn’t seem to auto-update the testing server it uses. For example, if you are in Dubai one day and then use the app in Miami a week later, the app still runs tests using the Dubai-based server. You have to re-start the app to get a new server locale. (2) Along those lines, the app takes a loooooong time to quit so that users can re-start it. I have a MacBook Pro 2017 model and it takes almost 45-60 seconds for the app to quit. (3) I noticed that the app hammers my fierewall trying to get my usage information out to google-analytics.com. (I have a rule blocking all outbound app-spying traffic, sorry.) It wasn’t just one or two pings — it was a constant barrage of traffic. Maybe give users the option to ‘opt out’ of providing stats? Keep up the good work.

Better than browser based app

The app is better than the browser/flash based version, in my opinion. The best part of the app is that it has credibility with the several ISPs I’ve had. I just wish it had a way to show specifics fo drop-outs (when it dips below, say 1mb/s). I’d also like the ability to run a 24 hour test, where it checked the speed at a reasonable interval so I could show my ISP when I’m not getting the bandwidth I’m paying for.

Ookla rocks!

I have this on my iOS devices, and now thrilled to have it on the iMac. It verified my speed upgrade. Keep up the good work!

Very helpful app

I have been using the website and iOS app for years. Happy to see the app available on MacOS. The ability to print a standardized report, which one can forward to an ISP or the client, would make the app even more helpful - and deseve my fifth star.

Can’t choose distant sites

I am trying to build a case against Virgin Media who do a terrible job routing IP accross the “pond”. We have a 200Mbps line in Dublin but although speedtest in Dublin demonstrates 200Mbps there, if I pick a server in the Los Angeles area, I only get around 0.59Mbps. I was going to try out your APP on my Mac but I cannot select a server in Dublin from here in Irvine. Just to be sure it was not an issue with the browser. Is there a way to expand the server selection list?

Beautiful UX/UI! This Dev Team should coach others… ;)

This app is fantastically designed; the UI/UX leave (almost) nothing to be desired. I love it. I am leaving a review here because the Developer team seems to be extremely response! I appreciate that; I am hoping for support for the following two issues: #1: How do I search for a server, like I can do on the website? Or choose a server more than 900mi away? I am in Japan and I want to test my connection to the US servers. #2: I wish I could reach out somehow for support or feedback without posting here. Could you add that feature (or an email address) in the future?

Jitter stats available!

I love that jitter information is made available! This is perfect to allow us to diagnose “choppy” audio connections from employee home internet connections.


file size is really small, 7.2 MB, Simple minimal UI and top of all, no ADS! Totally great.

Not as accurate as the website

I’ve been troubleshooting some speed issues and relying on this app as a tool. When I run my 500M connection speed test with this app I get download speeds of 70-80Mbps and uploads of 93Mbps. When I used the website I get 350Mbps down/92Mbps up. This is a significant difference in speed! These tests are within a minute of each other. So I cannot trust the results of this app at this time. Its design and function is great - but the most important aspect of being reliable, not so much.

Frequently can’t quit the app

The app frequently goes into a state where you can’t quit it. You then have to use “Force Quit Applications” to stop it. When it is in this state it will prevent the machine from rebooting. Besides this but, it is a good app.

Great App

I’ve been using the iOS version of this app for some time and just found the OS version. It does just what it says it will do and does it in such a way that the ISP providers never question the results that I share with them. I live in a frontier area ( that’s out in the sticks for you city fellas and gals) and our broadband connections 😂 are less than adequate most of the time, thus requiring frequent checks the speeds the ISPs promised and we are paying for. Thanks for a great app!

Webmaster Review

I have been designing websites since 1981… Yes, I am THAT old. I have been using SpeedTest since about 1990 and have found that it returns reliable results. Not consistent… RELIABLE. There is a difference. There are any number of factors that can affect your upload and download speeds, but this will at least allow you to get a realistic overview of your situation. It needs to be noted that as with a chain, speed is only as fast as its fastest component. There are slow websites, slow computers, and more importantly slow routers. Speed is also affected by others using your network, games or programs that are active, and even TSR programs (Terminate and Stay Resident) that you may not even think of. If you are NOT getting the results you expect, check some of these weak links. I have not used THIS app yet. I am only downloading it at this moment, but I would bet good money that it is just as stable as their program has been for these past 30 years that I have been a loyal follower.

Getting a read on how my laptop is doing

We have 2 dedicated WIFI sources in household because of the number of items needing connections. All of mine are oon the lower speed connections as it was put to me, I don't need high speed for what i do. Some one gaming or doing constant downloads will need the higher speeds. I just used the app today 6/2/17 to check my connection speed and within 3-4 ms I got the results for both downloads and upload speeds. Considering I have cookie blockers on laptop, the speed is fair. We have Verizon Fios connection and just upgraded the wiring connection because of problems and was glad to see we made the right decision. This speed test ap will help me monitor when I see connection slowing. Thanks for the great app so easy to use.

Nice looking but no kB/s!

I like everything aout this speedtest, it’s clean, easy to use. But there’s no kB/s for common user to select. Highly recommond you add kB/s as a option to choose (just like you guys did on iOS version); more over a MB/s will be most welcomed since the interest speed is raising day by day

Program won’t quit...

When trying to select "Quit Speedtest" from any of the options in the program it does not quit. Running on Mac OS X version 10.12.5 (16F73) with Speedtest version 1.3

Jitter and packet loss needs to be more visible

Had I not read the other reviews on here, I would have had absolutely no clue on how to find this info. I agree with the other review comments on here. It would be nice if the options button (in the top right) had a check box to enable packet loss and jitter test so that it only shows servers who support that and that can be a seperate item to see altogether. Or at least have it show which servers support those extra options and make it more visible in the main view when you click on the results. I had to click on that settings/options button, then the specific result in the history to view that extra data. The main reason I loaded this app was going to pingtest.net says it’s been retired and to use the app. So it would be better to see these results up front if that makes sense.

Glad to find this

I’ve used Ookla on my iPad for years, so I’m really glad you now have an app for OS. Very happy.

Better then the brower version.

Small file, accurate and less resource hungry then testing with a browser.

Does just what it should

Very easy to use, nice that one can customize if needed but otherwise straightforward. Good that it remembers past results.

Needs to denote servers supporting Packet Loss

When selecting servers to test, there’s no indication which ones do not support the Packet Loss test. One only finds this out after the fact. As a result you have to try other local servers until you find one that supports it. I’d strongly recommend they indicate which servers do/don’t support the Packet Loss test. Perhaps an asterisk, bold, italicized server names to indicate such would help. Otherwise the app is great. One potential issue is that there’s extra work when consulting and having to get clients to download the app rather than simply check on a web link.

SpeedTest Desktop App revealed speed probs with my network browser

I use Safari on MacOS 10.12.4 (latest as of this review). My browser was showing abysmal connection speeds (sometimes timing out). After downloading the desktop speedtest app - I could see my true network speed (50mbps asymmetrical) - so something screwy with my browser (malware infected? Or is it just ISP filtering/blocking/generally mucking things up). That explains a LOT.

The Best speed test service availble

I have been using Speedtest.net for years and the service gets better and better each year. I have alwyas wanted a MacOS app simular to the iOS counter parts. Better than expected, clean simple and straight to the point hidden in menu bar. The only suggesgtion I have is a bug report option and a feedback tab somewhere in settings. Possibly add a few more options that are availibe to the browser version like server lists, and measurement adjustments.

Great App

Love the new app but a few things need changed. The ping test results (jitter and packet loss) really need to be on main screen. Also Packet Loss is only measured if testing to a supported server. Would be nice to list which servers support this feature instead of just having to test a few and see if the packet loss shows up. Or just have option on run test to include packet loss and allow the app to pick a server that supports packet loss testing.

Great free ap!

Great free ap! I appreciate Ookla offering free speed testing for so many years, and you’ve done it again with a nice little ap. I know you guys have to make money some how, and I’m sure it’s usually through advertising or data compiling, but this ap is super clean, free of advertisement, and works great. Thanks for your hard work!

packet loss results in-app, woohoo!

This is now a full replacement for both PingTest and SpeedTest websites. I would prefer if PingTest (e.g. packet loss) results were displayed front and center instead of buried in the menus. The more I test, the more I realize that any amount of packet loss will inhibit even the speediest connections.

No pingtest or packet loss testing

Since ping test.net is retiring, it would be nice if you would update the app for ping and packet loss tests. it says it has it on windows, but im not on windows, im on mac OS X el capitan. Please fix it. i rely and have relied on speed and pingtest.net for online gaming. I’m sad to see you go

It Best Update but Quit app is Slow.

it’s best app for test speed internet, i thing in the world. but new update on macOS sierra have littel Problem when app want quit. thanks Developers.

Thank you!

For removing it from the menu bar!

Difficult to select server

I think that one key point of such an app is to select the server with whom you want to make the test. The app selects the best possible server and allows to make some manual selection if wanted, but it is very difficult to select a server because there is no search. The onlilne app allows you to log-on and use your preferred server. This offline app does not allow this. Please add an option to chose and save preferred servers Thank you

Nice to have finally

I am happy to see this available in an app now, but why can’t it be logged in? I have hundreds of tests from before the app and there’s no way to log in for that history to be in my new app :( Because of this I continue to use the web based speed tests.


Hola, buenos días. Speedtest es una gran herramienta y rápida y estable. Felicidades.

Great update, needs one more thing...

Love the update, espaically the ability to differentiate between wifi and ethernet. However, and this applies ot the iOS app too, can you please allow us to login to our Ookla Speedtest accounts so we can track results across different devices?

The go-to app

Amazing app! Once they introduce login, it will be a 5 star experience. Keep up the amazing work guys!

Awesome update!

This update made this app perfect. Its exactly what I think it should be! Nice job and love the graphics too. They’re pretty neat.


Thank you Ookla, this app really helps on my Mac Computer and I just love it! I also use your Speedtest on my other Apple products and were happy with the release of this product.

Last update makes this app perfect for me.

Update: 5 stars as promised. Giving the option to not run in the menu bar and, even better, making that the default makes this app now perfect as far as I am concerned. Original review below: It’s nice to have a native app for Speed Test. It pretty much works the way you’d expect EXCEPT for whatever reason they decided that the app should be in the menu bar. When you launch the app it’s not obvious but you’ll just see an icon added to menu bar. You then have to click the icon to begin see the UI and begin the test. You CAN quit the app from the menu bar, you either can click the ‘person’ icon which will take you to another screen with the ‘Quit’ option, OR, alternatively, you can right-click the menu bar icon and a ‘Quit’ option will be there too. I would much rather prefer for the menu bar to be an option as I would prefer to launch app the app, see a the UI inside a regular window, do the test and then quit it. I’d give it 5 starts if they did this. Overall good effort.

Can’t be Quit

No response to clicking quit on macOS 10.12.3.

The New Update makes Speedtest.net more amazing on macOS

Besides the lack of a login option,the Speedtest app with the latest update has been made more functional than ever before.Thanks guys for listening.I have been using your Services since 2010.Hope you guys continue to run a successful business and have a wonderful product.Yay to HTML5.

Unjustified complaints?

Before I downloaded this app I did check the reviews and noticed several complaints. 1. Objection to the app’s use of a menu bar for its UI. To each their own. I check my internet speeds fairly frequently so actually find the menu bar convenient. I wouldn’t want to have Speedtest on my dock. And the menu bar is faster than summoning the app via the applications folder or Spotlight. 2. Not convenient to quit the app. Again, to each their own. I find clicking on the little “person icon” at the top right to access the history of my speedtests and the quit icon painless. I should also add that I did go into the activity monitor and checked to see how much of the system resources Speedtest uses when you are not actually running a speedtest. ZERO, NADA, ZILCH. Point is. I never bother to quit Speedtest as there is no apparent hit on performance by leaving it on. 3. This desktop app generates slightly slower speeds than the web app. Actually, I have found just the opposite. BTW, when comparing the performance of the web app and the desktop app it is important to make sure both are using the same server. Different servers will provide different upload and download speeds. I am actually getting slightly faster download speeds (same upload) with the desktop app . 180 mbps vs. 160 mbps. Latency results are about the same. Like I said, to each their own. Bu, IMO, this FREE app is a commendable performer. Maybe the developer could provide an option in settings to display the app on the menu bar or not. This should make everyone happy.

No Support whatsoever

The app runs great, is unobtrusive in the menu bar, launches fast and doesn’t prompt for Flashplayer or serve endless ads for malware (e.g. Mackeeper) but there is absolutely no way to contact the developer to report two problems: 1. no autolaunch to restart at login and 2. It updates the wifi network name only when the app starts, so if you leave it running and change wifi networks, it still thinks you’re on the first network.

This shouldn’t be in the menu bar

This app is ridiculous in the menu bar. They are doing that because they want it to run all the time, which is also ridiculous, I assume because it is collecting advertising data. you can’t even run the test properly without touching nothing on your mac, because it is modal to the menu bar. I also know they don’t want it to be quit because they hid the quit function on a second screen. I wanted an app for speedtest, but I’ll probably go back to using someone else’s website.

Not a fan of the menu bar app style

It’d be great if this app could run in a window, instead of a menu bar app. Why? Let’s say I start a Speedtest test, and I want to try reloading a tab in Safari. As soon as I click Safari, it closes the menu bar app, and it quits the test. That is annoying. Also, the menu bar icon looks confusingly similar to the Time Machine icon. It would also be nice if the app was organized to match the iOS app more similarly. Glad it’s on the mac as a native app, but I wish it worked more like a mac app.

Make a non-modal windowed app, not menubar

I’m really glad Ookla made this into a Mac app - I’ve really enjoyed having it on my iPad, and I don’t trust my browser to be an uncompromised environment for testing (far too often there are other web sites open that are resource hogs, and often that’s a moment when I want to see if my computer is bogging, or my line is - so testing from within the browser is a false result). However, the choice to make this a menubar item is, IMO, a mistake. It essentially forces the test to be modal: I can’t touch ANYTHING else on my Mac while it’s running or it’ll pop the popover back down, and hide the running test, meaning I can’t run it and keep an eye on it while working on something else. I don’t want it running all the time, so I’m not sure what the utility or benefit of having it as a menubar item was intended to be, but I can tell you I’m positive I would rather this be a simple windowed app with standard menus, that launches when I launch it, and quits when I’m done with it via command-q, just like any other app. This is a valuable utility, and I’d like to give it 5 stars, but it’s not SO special that it deserves to be a special snowflake and not be a normal app. Also, if you’re going to insist on keeping it a menubar app, for heaven’s sake at least put the icon in the right place in the menubar. It’s too low. Center it properly.

Why in the Menu Bar

I used Speedtest on my iOS device. It’s very convenient having this app on my macOS. But why do you leave the app in the menu bar? I am not running the test that often that I need it in my menu bar. Remove the menu bar and I will update my rating to 5 stars.

don’t like System tray mode

It’s great to have a native app for Speedtest. However, I hate that it sits in the menu bar at the top of the OS at all times. Stupid — I want to run it when I want to run it, and I want to close it at all other times. Very annoying to have to go into the menu bar and open it and manually remove it every time.

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