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It works but...

It works but I have to force quit the app everytime. Other than that, it good and works. I would give it five stars if it would close normally..

Very Inconsistent..

I’ve used it on my iMac numerous times, and find it doesn’t work at least a third to half the time! It just can’t seem to find a server, so just spins in circles endlessly. It’s not always easy shutting it down, and I must force quit it, when the “quit speedtest” icon won’t appear. I then have to manually open again, and it will then work…. until it decides not to again. Not sure why it works so erratically, but as is, it’s hit & miss.

Great app but issues recently

I am on the latest stable version of macOS and on two different machines I notice the speedtest will just indefinitely spin without ever completing and no option to cancel. I have to fully quit the application and relaunch it to get it to work. This happens on the iMac Pro and the 2016 MacBook Pro with touchbar.

GREAT APPLICATION - BUT - but I guess I DON’T have a problem! ??

I see no means of downloading and installing on my iMac - what’s up? Otherwise, YES, five stars. Have used Speedtest for years on WIndows and Linux and Mac via browser link. Hmmmm…. I’m a bit confused. NO download, but I’m running it from the menu bar… ??

Longtime user

Have used Ookla’s Speedtest.net site for many years and, more recently, the iOS app for the last 5-6 years. While experiencing network issues, i instinctively went to the App Store and found the MacOS app. Same look & feel, same responsiveness, same ease of use as its cousins. Glad it’s available on MacOS - a good add to my “tool box”! :)

One suggestion to go from 4 stars to 5 stars

I love this app and use it frequently. Since I am constantly working at different locations and using different wifi networks, I would love the ability to give each speedtest result a custom name. That is all! Thank you for all you guys do!

not accurate

the app tops out at only 290 Mbps when the web version of speedtest hits over 900 Mbps, more accurately measuring our Gig speed internet. Tried it several times.

Performance change since about a month ago

Since about a month ago, I noticed that Speedtest is now giving me about half the download speed that I’ve been consistently getting for the past several years. I’ve checked my wifi speed with a couple of other apps and those apps continue to provide twice the speed that SpeedTest now reports (the same speed that SpeedTest used to provide prior to about a month ago). Something’s changed, perhaps with a recent update. Also, I haven’t noticed any speed decrease in any of my devices.

Great Program BUT

I have Speed test by Ocola on my windows 10 laptop, my iPhone, my iPad, and my iMac 2011. all of the rest of the devices have an easily locatable app for speed test. Except OS 12. Where do you hide the speed test app? is it an apple? its not with the regular;ar applications. Its great that I can have a better GUI because with Charter Spectrum i am getting 450 mbps. using the online version the graphic speedometer only goes to 100. The app goes to 500 maybe 1gb. Any rate I use this app exclusivly to test all my friends and families internet speed and would be nice is you could upgrade the GUI on the online version Thanks

Menu bar

i’ve just started using this App , i usually have the speed test Home Page dragged onto my Desktop and Copied and pasted an image of speed test Logo onto it the only reason i tried this app was to save space on my desktop by eliminating the one i Created the App States that Speed Test will run in the Menu Bar Now that i'm using it and have the show in Menu bar Box Checked to show it, That Feature Does Not Work the App Works for the test but if it would show in the Menu Bar like it States i would be Satisfied I hope they fix this, I came back to this original review to see if there has been an update so i could leave a 5 star, Still No Fix Still will not show in the Menu Bar therefore 2 star for the developer lack of acknowledgement like they don’t care

Orientation WOW who wuld have thought

I was struggling daily to even get on the internet with my Mac, then I download Ookla, ran the diagnostics and found that by moving my computer from one side of the room to the other I could at least consistently log on to the internet. I went one step further and rotated the computer 10 degrees through a 90 degree arc and was stunned to see a consistent 10Mbps at the 80 degree mark from where I started off. From 0 to 70 I was only getting 4-5Mbps, at 80 degrees it was 10Mbps, and just another 10 degrees to 90 droppped the Mbps back down to just over 5. Would never have figured that out without this app.

Need city/server filter

The mobile version include the ability to select a server by typing in a few chars of the city or server name. This app need the same. I don't want to scroll for 5 minutes until I find the server I'm looking for. Also, why can I have only one favorite server? Need to be able to add more. The ability to select/specify the gauge range would also be helpful. So to sum it up, would be nice to have features like the mobile version does.

Simple, works great

Love this app. Super simple and reliable.

Hoping for 1.5

1.4 the needle doesn’t work. When at 100mbs the needle is at 500 mb. or anywhere other than where it is actually clocking. Hopefully 1.5 will correct this. Update: Issue was resolved in version 1.5


I give to this app my award-winnign stupid program of the year -SPOTY- This useless app only let you choose the target servers they have pre-listed, not the one you want / need to check. Unistalled to avoid use my hard disk space and get back to use the web app.

Worked well for awhile then…..

Theapp worked well for awhile selecting Servers in my area San Francisco …Now all of a suddent it is picking cities in Missouri only??? Could not find a setting to change the Settings link to local servers to connect too?? The web version can change to local server but Mobile app cannot??

V1.4 Has Bugs - NOW FIXED!!!

This is a fantastic app. The major bugs disussed below were fixed by the developer only a day after they were reported. I appreciate their super-fast attention to this. Best speed testing app out there and also the prettiest interface IMHO. I love this app and have used it for a longtime. The most recentupdate has some obvious bugs that I can;t beleive they did not catch before releasingthis to the public. You used ot be abe to calibrate the dial so that….for example….if your connections are generally in the range of 0-100 mbps, you could set the top end of the dial to 100. Now it is set to 500 and there’s no way to change it. But the new “added feature” of this current release is that the indicater needle on the dial now points in the 180 degree opposite direction of the measurement. So if your speed is being measured as 30,the needle points to the exact other side of th dial and says soething like 400. If your speed is 95, the needle point back at like 0 or 5. How do software engineers let stuff out the door like this? I’m still rating this a 3 because I like this app so much, but these bugs need to be addressed FAST.

great app : would like to see wifi/lte channel used in test

would like to see the app take into sonsideration that many ISPs now know when Speedtest is running and attmept to inflate their scores…make sure it doesnt happen iOS: seeing which channel/freq/band would be a great thing.

Best Kept Secret

Like a million others below, I’ve been using speedtest.net forever. It has only gotten better and better over the years, but you’re always going to get tons of ads on their domain…how else are they going to pay their developers? :) I’m not even sure why they built this app for macOS–even stranger is that they actually _advertised_ it at speedtest.net–but it’s SpeedTest without the ads. Same lovely interface, clean and fast and great. Maybe this is just one of the best kept secrets of the Mac App Store? I’m not complaining. And if an updated version comes out and asks me to pay, I won’t be surprised. Nor will I mind paying for the great service these folks provide for us. Thanks, y’all!


Please add custom speed unit option.

Cannot quit the app

I really don’t know why it is so hard to quit the app. When you select “Quit Speedtest” nothing gonna be happened.

Latest Fix

Thanks for fixing the gauge needle to correct location. Great app!

Great App. Would like ability to login.

Love the app. Would like ability to login, and that is the only reason for four star for me.

Ookla makes the best speed test app, IMO

Speedtest by Ookla is my favorite and trusted app for testing the speed of my internet connections. The test results relate directly to how fast my internet connection feels in real use. No star deduction, because they will probably fix this soon, when I opened the app for the first time post GDPR, the premissions box did not have a link to their privacy policy. Maybe that is an Apple policy issue regarding not allowing links. If so, maybe an exception needs to be made. Good app. If you don’t like ads, pay the small upgrade fee and the app shines.


its about the same as the website.

I love it, but

I really love this app. It is really easy to use and what not, but the recent update has a cosmetic hiccup in which the speed needle is pointing in another location. However, the results are still accurate it's just a little annoyance that I hope is fixed.

Version 1.4 is horribly broken

The spped nedd points 180 degrees out of where it should be pointing...

The Standard for Speed Testing

Five stars because it has been the leader for speed testing for a long time and it is rock solid and available on all platforms. Mac app and iOS app both great. Adding the Mac app to the menu bar, terrific. One minor bug that showed up in the latest Mac version - the meter needle is now backward and 180 degrees out of sync with the actual speed.


Its awesome

Latest iOS Update

A wonderful app on iOs until the latest update.Now it keeps defaulting to “Let’s review your privacy options.” The App itself cannot be opened. My star rating. is for the previous version. This version would rate no stars.

Great app, great on iphone, now great on Mac!

Now I can check my Mbps speed without going to the web! Clear, concise, and straightforward. Just one thing: v1.4 has the gauge flipped 180 degrees when running. No biggie, I’m sure they will figure it out and fix it in the next build.

Nice update - Dial Needle points in the wrong direction

The app works .. but the dial needle points in the wrong direction. Other than that .. effective as always :-) I gave it one star only so that the developers notice it :-)

Lately the the web app has been more accurate

I have been using the app since it came out and have always been happy with it but since I upgraded my Internet package to a hire speed I have been getting vastly different readings between the app and the website. Website indicates I am getting what I am paying for from my ISP, app is telling me I am getting UNDER what I shoudl be getting. I checked a few other web speed sites and the all confirm that the web version of speedtest.net is the “more accurate” of the two. Having said that it the app is well designed, easy to use, takes up very little resources when using it. All you have to do is launch it and click GO. Pretty simple. BUT if it’s giving you inaccurate readings, even for a basic network testing app that I can get buy launching a browser, it kinda defeats the purpose. I will deal with the ads (hello adblocker) and use the web site for now.

No longer connects to any servers

This used to be a quick and valuable way to check my network speed. Alas, the current version has stopped working. It will no longer connect to the local WiFi network, it justs sits there spinning with “connecting” showing. I have tried deleting the app and all of its hidden files by using AppDelete and reinstalling it, but to no avail. Still no connection. Using the webbased version of SpeedTest, the connection is quickly made and a speed result is produced. Aso showing the the local WiFi network is up and running correctly. I have a rMBP (late 2013) macOS 10.13.4, 16 GB, 1TB SSD and all updates installed.

Nice App

I recently installed FTTH Gigabit Internet and have been running quite a few speed tests. I noticed that there are only a handful of reliable speed tests available, and this app is one of them. I run MacOS, and I love the feature to put the speed test in the menu bar. (Because I run it A LOT) hehe I would also love to see a daily test option. I.E. A checkbox to run the test daily at preset randomized time.

Inert: “Could not connect to the Internet…"

I often use Speedtest.net to figure out if my inadequate ISP, Spectrum, is messing up my Internet connection again. I used to successfully use Ookla’s Speedtest app as well before Charter took over Time Warner Cable to create Spectrum. But now that I’ve switched to Spectrum, the Speedtest app is incapable of connecting to the Internet ever. The consistent error is: “Could not connect to the Internet. Please check your connection and try again. OK” That’s all it does. Meanwhile, Speedtest.net works great as usual at the exact same time. My sense is that the Speedtest app is using old code and hasn’t kept up with the capabilities of the corresponding website. I’ve uninstalled Speedtest, trashed its preferences and associated Library files, then reinstalled and run it. The same problem results. I’ve now throw Speedtest away permanently. I hope they sort out the problem and update it.

Great app

This is a great app and has better preformance vs the web for connections greater that 200Mbps. The only thing that could make it better would be if in the results pain they would put the public ip we are testing from like on the web.

Get it

It’s way better then your web app, would and will suggest.

very unstable

having trouble with the app running speedtest with comcast internet. I use it a lot because we have issues with our internet but lately it errors out.Testing with other means works but the app doesn’t. using on mac and iPad pro


App constanly say “can not connect to the internet check your internet connection and try again” … My internet connection works just wonderful.. I Thank You !!

Desktop Version Seems A Smidge Behind Mobile Version

The desktop version seems to be missing some things that the mobile version has. The most glaring one is reporting the SSID when showing reports for a wireless test. This would be helpful when trying to decide which wireless zone is the one to use when MANY are available at the same time. On the mobile version, this is built in.

Simple, easy to use install

This app is very easy to use It does not ask you so many inputs It is accurate Small size compare to others

Works great!

Wonderful app! Small request, please allow in the settings to include a change to MB/s (megabytes per second) as it is already available on the iOS version.

Ookla is the only speed test I use.

Their tests are the easiest to use and easiest to understand! Menu bar option is cool. I install it and use it on all my devices. Since I’m often in libraries and public spaces, the first thing I do is run a speed test and Ookla is the only speed test I use.

Need improvements

There is no way to choose different country for your test. It will only show servers on a 500 miles radio.

Needs Work For Gigabit Users

On the website itself using Firefox, I can test with the same server as the app and get 930+ down, and 900+ up. Using the app which connects to the same server, I cannot break more 400 down and 900+ up. I theorize it is due to the app using a webview powered by either webkit or blink web engines. These two (which includes any Chrome based or Safari browser) do not work well with the HTML5 speed test and seemingly cannot go above 400Mbps when testing on a gigabit connection. I do like the small footprint and concenience of the app, but without the download supporting gigabit properly, its not useful to me.

One site pony speed test

Pros: - Works faster than web SpeedTest equivalent. - The price is right Cons: - No way to set target server's geographic location.

Beautiful design, but...

They need to allow the needle to go up to 1Gbps.

Identical to the iPhone version (and that is a good thing)

If you have the iPhone version of this app, you now know exactly what this looks like and how it works. The only change I saw was the addition of a cancel test in the Menu bar. If you use the iPhone version, adding this to your Mac is a no brainer.

Choose Server?

Most of my Internet “needs” are from servers located in Chicago, IL. In the browser based and mobile version of Ookla’s Speedtest, I can choose Chicago, but not in the desktop version? You’d have that fifth star if I could choose the city I want to test connection speeds!

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