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Lately the the web app has been more accurate

I have been using the app since it came out and have always been happy with it but since I upgraded my Internet package to a hire speed I have been getting vastly different readings between the app and the website. Website indicates I am getting what I am paying for from my ISP, app is telling me I am getting UNDER what I shoudl be getting. I checked a few other web speed sites and the all confirm that the web version of speedtest.net is the “more accurate” of the two. Having said that it the app is well designed, easy to use, takes up very little resources when using it. All you have to do is launch it and click GO. Pretty simple. BUT if it’s giving you inaccurate readings, even for a basic network testing app that I can get buy launching a browser, it kinda defeats the purpose. I will deal with the ads (hello adblocker) and use the web site for now.

No longer connects to any servers

This used to be a quick and valuable way to check my network speed. Alas, the current version has stopped working. It will no longer connect to the local WiFi network, it justs sits there spinning with “connecting” showing. I have tried deleting the app and all of its hidden files by using AppDelete and reinstalling it, but to no avail. Still no connection. Using the webbased version of SpeedTest, the connection is quickly made and a speed result is produced. Aso showing the the local WiFi network is up and running correctly. I have a rMBP (late 2013) macOS 10.13.4, 16 GB, 1TB SSD and all updates installed.

Nice App

I recently installed FTTH Gigabit Internet and have been running quite a few speed tests. I noticed that there are only a handful of reliable speed tests available, and this app is one of them. I run MacOS, and I love the feature to put the speed test in the menu bar. (Because I run it A LOT) hehe I would also love to see a daily test option. I.E. A checkbox to run the test daily at preset randomized time.

Inert: “Could not connect to the Internet…"

I often use Speedtest.net to figure out if my inadequate ISP, Spectrum, is messing up my Internet connection again. I used to successfully use Ookla’s Speedtest app as well before Charter took over Time Warner Cable to create Spectrum. But now that I’ve switched to Spectrum, the Speedtest app is incapable of connecting to the Internet ever. The consistent error is: “Could not connect to the Internet. Please check your connection and try again. OK” That’s all it does. Meanwhile, Speedtest.net works great as usual at the exact same time. My sense is that the Speedtest app is using old code and hasn’t kept up with the capabilities of the corresponding website. I’ve uninstalled Speedtest, trashed its preferences and associated Library files, then reinstalled and run it. The same problem results. I’ve now throw Speedtest away permanently. I hope they sort out the problem and update it.

Great app

This is a great app and has better preformance vs the web for connections greater that 200Mbps. The only thing that could make it better would be if in the results pain they would put the public ip we are testing from like on the web.

Get it

It’s way better then your web app, would and will suggest.

very unstable

having trouble with the app running speedtest with comcast internet. I use it a lot because we have issues with our internet but lately it errors out.Testing with other means works but the app doesn’t. using on mac and iPad pro


App constanly say “can not connect to the internet check your internet connection and try again” … My internet connection works just wonderful.. I Thank You !!

Desktop Version Seems A Smidge Behind Mobile Version

The desktop version seems to be missing some things that the mobile version has. The most glaring one is reporting the SSID when showing reports for a wireless test. This would be helpful when trying to decide which wireless zone is the one to use when MANY are available at the same time. On the mobile version, this is built in.

Simple, easy to use install

This app is very easy to use It does not ask you so many inputs It is accurate Small size compare to others

Works great!

Wonderful app! Small request, please allow in the settings to include a change to MB/s (megabytes per second) as it is already available on the iOS version.

Ookla is the only speed test I use.

Their tests are the easiest to use and easiest to understand! Menu bar option is cool. I install it and use it on all my devices. Since I’m often in libraries and public spaces, the first thing I do is run a speed test and Ookla is the only speed test I use.

Need improvements

There is no way to choose different country for your test. It will only show servers on a 500 miles radio.

Needs Work For Gigabit Users

On the website itself using Firefox, I can test with the same server as the app and get 930+ down, and 900+ up. Using the app which connects to the same server, I cannot break more 400 down and 900+ up. I theorize it is due to the app using a webview powered by either webkit or blink web engines. These two (which includes any Chrome based or Safari browser) do not work well with the HTML5 speed test and seemingly cannot go above 400Mbps when testing on a gigabit connection. I do like the small footprint and concenience of the app, but without the download supporting gigabit properly, its not useful to me.

One site pony speed test

Pros: - Works faster than web SpeedTest equivalent. - The price is right Cons: - No way to set target server's geographic location.

Beautiful design, but...

They need to allow the needle to go up to 1Gbps.

Identical to the iPhone version (and that is a good thing)

If you have the iPhone version of this app, you now know exactly what this looks like and how it works. The only change I saw was the addition of a cancel test in the Menu bar. If you use the iPhone version, adding this to your Mac is a no brainer.

Choose Server?

Most of my Internet “needs” are from servers located in Chicago, IL. In the browser based and mobile version of Ookla’s Speedtest, I can choose Chicago, but not in the desktop version? You’d have that fifth star if I could choose the city I want to test connection speeds!

Just notice that you had a Mac Desktop app!!

I have been a longtime Ookla Speedtest user for many moons…. I retired from IBM in 2008 with 30 years of working with computers/networks Speedtest has been my go to network test for as long as I can remember. I always found that depending on your web browser you could get different results and its far better to have a local run application to cut out as much of noise from applications to get a truer picture of what your results are. This app is well put together and the options it gives you are just what is needed with no extra fluff. The response is quick and the reporting is reliable, free from all the overhead of the browser and any cache etc that can and would be in the way. The options of saving your test along with running it in the menu bar and haveing the capability of uploading it to about 23 different places (depending on your Mac’s configuration) listed under your System Preferences/Extensions/Share Menu You still have the option of selecting where you want to test to. If is set automaticly to the closest point from you ISP. The graphical interface showing in a line graph of both incoming and outgoing testing shows how smooth or dirty you results can be. With showing a more flatline giving you the cleaner results of your ISP.

Do it.

I have been using Speedtest since I knew that you could test your internet speed. This app is beautiful, simple, and powerful. I highly recommend you use it, especially with the destruction of net neutrality.

Very Clean Refresh

Ookla Speed Test really nailed it with this refresh. looks super slick and up to date, added some small but significant features, overall my favorite speedtest application I’ve encountered. I’ve used it on iOS for years, and it’s the first application I’ve downloaded on my new Macbook. I’m pleased to see it’s just as effective and well designed on both platforms. Good work!

I used it to test out changes to my WI-FI network

I started out with 2.4 G Wi-Fi, improved it to 5G. Then had to add an extender because of the layout of the house. I used Speed test to make sure I was acutually improving things as I tested out different locations for my extender. Now I am on Google Fiber and I was amazed at how much your signal drops when it is no longer line of sight to the primary node. It is a least a 50% drop. Adding more Nodes to create a mesh helps with dead spots but doesn’t do much for speed. When I was on AT&T you could see how much your speed would drop on nights with inclement weather and everyone was staying home streaming movies etc. I look forward to seeing how much Google drops on bad weather nights.

good but...

Two things missing: 1- changing unit 2- logging in

Essential Tool

I use this app regularly to see if my ISP is throttling me. I have the app on my phone too.


I always use the SpeedTest site and this app is a perfectly executed compliment! As a developer myself my hat goes off to this dev / team on finding the perfect mix of form and function. Thanks for crafting such a great user experience.

A great app that should set the standard for any desktop version

Although I was originally detered from downloading this app for use on my personal MacBook since, according to the description, the app "lives in your macOS menu bar". Upon first launch it was a standalone app (bonus points for not being one of those horrible Electron apps!) that did not live in the Menu Bar, although that setting could be toggled easily. The app also quits when you close the window! I get notifications when the tests are done, which is useful for when I want to run my Internet speed test in the background. The app's result history, which is unusually tucked in the preference area, has a list view and a detailed view for each test. The detailed view logs your ISP, latitude, and longitude, which can be a privacy concern for some users (not including me). Result logs can be deleted individually, or shared using macOS's native share sheet. Overall this is a well-polished app with many small details that make the user experience better. Although it would be nice to have scheduled tests, the current features have a lot of thought put into them.

Functions I think are useful

I really like the app, it’s powerful, but I think that still need some modifications. About menu bar function: Need a response when internet is working on the logo, maybe like as the color green to sim and red to not (it's not necessary a constant, can be times when times). An other fuction: The app would can open with the sistem, would be very Convenient.

No login but good

Doesnt let you login so your results aren’t saved (which i like to save results around the world in my profile). But aside from that its fine.

Not accurate at all; has to be force quit

Running this while trying to open a website. The internet is currently running at about 2G speeds. It may be just something with my computer, but still—if this app is showing 30-40MBS (which is great for the remote area where I live) and I’m having trouble at that time even opening a simple website, something is off. I have no idea what’s going on with this, but it’s not helpful. I’d love to give this a great review, because it would be really helpful if it corresponded to my experience, but it simply doesn’t.

A beautifully designed experience

What can I say? It’a an easy and convinient way of checking my internet speeds and I no longer have to boot up a browser to do so. It’s a beautifully designed app. Clean, modern and simple to navigate. Great work guys! I do want to mention a current problem that I’m experiencing though, with version 1.3 specifically. I’m using MacOS High Sierra on a 2017 iMac and whenever I run the application (start a speed test) it freezes and locks up my computer until it restarts. Not exactly a small bug, but it’s something that’s prevented me from using it the past week or so. Not exactly sure when this happened, but it could be High Sierra causing this. Hopefully you guys will be able to find and squash this bug!

Lightweight, does what it’s meant to do.

I really don’t know what the word “accurate” would mean in the context of measuring download/upload speeds over the internet, but Ookla’s speed test service is great in that it reflects the real-world performance you can expect. Especially since the app version doesnt have the extra overhead of flash + all the other clutter on the web version. One thing I sort of wish it had was the option to choose the network interface to use for testing. I don’t think this can be done, maybe the SC api could be used to temporarily change network settings, but that would be disruptive… Or maybe it could be done at low low level using bsd sockets, but then this would dissociate it from the real-world speeds using NSURL… Really hope someone can think of a clever way though!

Convenient and Easy to Use

I’ve used Speedtest for years to help determine the current state of a high speed internet connection. Having this on my laptop is easier to conduct that test. One option I’d like to see added is the ability to search for a server. I’ve had need to test on occassion with a server located across the country (US) and the desktop version only provides a choice of servers in your “region” or to have the app select the server automatically. The ability to search for the server is available in the browser version of the test and it would be a plus to have that same feature available in the desktop app as well.

Intuitive and responsive

I was just scrolling the top free apps on the mac app store and saw this. I use SpeedTest anytime I want to see the status of my connection but didn’t know it was an app. I’ll be honest my first thought was, why is this an app if I can just open safari and click on it in my bookbark bar? Then I downloaded the app and realized it was more responsive and gives an alert when the test is complete. Also now that I think about it the history of your speeds should be stored permanetly as long as the app exists on a computer. This is an advantage over safari because if you clear cache, cookies, and history, this connection speed data I’m pretty sure is also deleted. Overall, beautful design, awesome color scheme, smooth ainmations, and time tested functionality. P.S. It can be put in the menu bar!

Works great!

I like pretty much everything about this app. I was skeptical at first but it’s great! The only improvement I think it really needs is a little notation on each test server so you know which ones support the packet loss tests. It wasn’t a problem previously because the PingTest.net site was still up, but now that they’ve killed it your only option is to run a test on each server in your region until you find one that’s run the packet loss test. (hint: most university hosts seem to do it.) Other than this minor thing I love it.

Way off from the website

I ran several tests side by side with the web version. On the web I get 176.77 Download, 21.01 upload (14ms latency); on the app: 14.5 download, 6.15 upload (13ms latency). Even when done at the same time. Unless I am doing something wrong, this does not work.

Selects Wrong Location - No Way to Overide

This tool runs incredibly quick versus the website version that I got inconsisent results on (sometimes it worked and sometimes it just didn’t). The frustrating part is for some reason it is geolocating my IP address on the east coast and the app is only giving me servers on the east coast (I’m on the West Coast). There doesn’t appear to be a way to override the location or manually select servers that are closer to me - I can only select servers that are with 300 miles or so of where it THINKS I am. Would love to see this fixed. Aside from that - it appears to do as advertised.

Great App

By using a dedicated app vs the website, you’ll get a better understanding of what it is behind the scenes that slow your network down. Web Browsers have a LOT of overhead- and this eliminates that overhead to give you accurate results. I’ve used Speedtest since the 90’s and can tell you it’s the best!

Better than browser based app

The app is better than the browser/flash based version, in my opinion. The best part of the app is that it has credibility with the several ISPs I’ve had. I just wish it had a way to show specifics fo drop-outs (when it dips below, say 1mb/s). I’d also like the ability to run a 24 hour test, where it checked the speed at a reasonable interval so I could show my ISP when I’m not getting the bandwidth I’m paying for.

Ookla rocks!

I have this on my iOS devices, and now thrilled to have it on the iMac. It verified my speed upgrade. Keep up the good work!

Very helpful app

I have been using the website and iOS app for years. Happy to see the app available on MacOS. The ability to print a standardized report, which one can forward to an ISP or the client, would make the app even more helpful - and deseve my fifth star.

Can’t choose distant sites

I am trying to build a case against Virgin Media who do a terrible job routing IP accross the “pond”. We have a 200Mbps line in Dublin but although speedtest in Dublin demonstrates 200Mbps there, if I pick a server in the Los Angeles area, I only get around 0.59Mbps. I was going to try out your APP on my Mac but I cannot select a server in Dublin from here in Irvine. Just to be sure it was not an issue with the browser. Is there a way to expand the server selection list?

Beautiful UX/UI! This Dev Team should coach others… ;)

This app is fantastically designed; the UI/UX leave (almost) nothing to be desired. I love it. I am leaving a review here because the Developer team seems to be extremely response! I appreciate that; I am hoping for support for the following two issues: #1: How do I search for a server, like I can do on the website? Or choose a server more than 900mi away? I am in Japan and I want to test my connection to the US servers. #2: I wish I could reach out somehow for support or feedback without posting here. Could you add that feature (or an email address) in the future?

Jitter stats available!

I love that jitter information is made available! This is perfect to allow us to diagnose “choppy” audio connections from employee home internet connections.


file size is really small, 7.2 MB, Simple minimal UI and top of all, no ADS! Totally great.

Not as accurate as the website

I’ve been troubleshooting some speed issues and relying on this app as a tool. When I run my 500M connection speed test with this app I get download speeds of 70-80Mbps and uploads of 93Mbps. When I used the website I get 350Mbps down/92Mbps up. This is a significant difference in speed! These tests are within a minute of each other. So I cannot trust the results of this app at this time. Its design and function is great - but the most important aspect of being reliable, not so much.

Frequently can’t quit the app

The app frequently goes into a state where you can’t quit it. You then have to use “Force Quit Applications” to stop it. When it is in this state it will prevent the machine from rebooting. Besides this but, it is a good app.

Great App

I’ve been using the iOS version of this app for some time and just found the OS version. It does just what it says it will do and does it in such a way that the ISP providers never question the results that I share with them. I live in a frontier area ( that’s out in the sticks for you city fellas and gals) and our broadband connections 😂 are less than adequate most of the time, thus requiring frequent checks the speeds the ISPs promised and we are paying for. Thanks for a great app!

Webmaster Review

I have been designing websites since 1981… Yes, I am THAT old. I have been using SpeedTest since about 1990 and have found that it returns reliable results. Not consistent… RELIABLE. There is a difference. There are any number of factors that can affect your upload and download speeds, but this will at least allow you to get a realistic overview of your situation. It needs to be noted that as with a chain, speed is only as fast as its fastest component. There are slow websites, slow computers, and more importantly slow routers. Speed is also affected by others using your network, games or programs that are active, and even TSR programs (Terminate and Stay Resident) that you may not even think of. If you are NOT getting the results you expect, check some of these weak links. I have not used THIS app yet. I am only downloading it at this moment, but I would bet good money that it is just as stable as their program has been for these past 30 years that I have been a loyal follower.

Getting a read on how my laptop is doing

We have 2 dedicated WIFI sources in household because of the number of items needing connections. All of mine are oon the lower speed connections as it was put to me, I don't need high speed for what i do. Some one gaming or doing constant downloads will need the higher speeds. I just used the app today 6/2/17 to check my connection speed and within 3-4 ms I got the results for both downloads and upload speeds. Considering I have cookie blockers on laptop, the speed is fair. We have Verizon Fios connection and just upgraded the wiring connection because of problems and was glad to see we made the right decision. This speed test ap will help me monitor when I see connection slowing. Thanks for the great app so easy to use.

Nice looking but no kB/s!

I like everything aout this speedtest, it’s clean, easy to use. But there’s no kB/s for common user to select. Highly recommond you add kB/s as a option to choose (just like you guys did on iOS version); more over a MB/s will be most welcomed since the interest speed is raising day by day

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